Konoba Jezuite is not merely another restaurant in Dubrovnik. It is a place with a story!

Our Story

The place where the story begins!

Modern cuisine fused with Dubrovnik tradition.

The first chapter of the Konoba Jezuite story began in 2011 when we decided to open a restaurant in Dubrovnik. Well, not only a restaurant but a place where all our life stories will meet - the ones that teach us about life values when we are kids, the ones rooted in tradition, as well as the ones telling the story of the beauty of the city in which we live and work. From day one, we wanted to tell this story through the mouthfuls on a plate served at a unique location, a location far away from the hustle-bustle of the city, but still in the very heart of Dubrovnik.

Traditional, homemade, Dubrovnik style!

Konoba Jezuite cherishes this tradition through the dishes served daily in the peaceful and cozy ambiance of our establishment. It is not only about the old recipes but also about following the centuries-old way of living from the land, trade, winemaking and fishing.

Just as every dish in the Konoba Jezuite has its own story, every story is firmly rooted in tradition. Only one homemade product has come to be thanks to those who worked in the fields and shared their knowledge and skills with younger generations. Only one fish from the sea is the result of the hundred years-long fishing tradition being passed on from one generation to another in the Dubrovnik families.

Even though the social structure changed through the years, and methods were modernized, we serve our guest dishes that draw inspiration from the traditional, the Dubrovnik style, as well as the contemporary!

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